Scobie Cottage aka Green Camp c 1952

Originally known as the Scobie Cottage, this 3-bedroom structure with green siding and white Victorian trim sat out on the point next to the Sisson’s boat house adjacent to where there’s now a large weeping willow. About 1940 the building and property was sold to Harry Dake and his wife Ivy; Harry opted to sell the property and relocate the house. A team of horses were used to drag the building across the ice to where it would reside for the next 70+ years.

While during its final ten years of existence this camp was painted grey, it was known to family as “the Green Camp” and to the many people (including a few current Oak Pointers) who rented it during the 1950s, 60s and 70s as ‘Dake’s Kozy Korner.’ About the time of Harry Dake’s demise the rentals ceased and the camp was used solely for vacations by family and friends.

The camp became a money pit to repair, so Harry Dake’s granddaughter Jane and her husband Paul Phinney had it razed in August (2012) and began construction of their new home in its place. In deference to history and sentimentality, the new house will once again be forest green with white trim. The new home is designed to take full advantage of the wide open view of our beautiful river.